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50Hz Rated Frequency HV Capacitor Bank Three Phase 3.63KV 484 Kvar

Basic Information
Place of Origin: XI'AN CHINA
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: BAM3.63-484-3W
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000000KVAR/YEAR
Rated Voltage: 3.63KV Rated Capacity: 484kvar
Rated Current: 76.98A Rated Capacitance: 116.90uF
Rated Frequency: 50Hz Internal Fuse: No
Insulation Level: 30/75KV Number Of Phases: Three-phase
Capacitance Deviation: -3%~+3% Package: Export Standard Packing
High Light:

3.63KV HV Capacitor Bank


Three Phase HV Capacitor Bank


3 Phase High Voltage Capacitor Bank

3.63KV 484 kVar Capacitor Bank High Voltage 50Hz Rated Frequency


1. Overview of 3.63KV 484kVar High Voltage Shunt Capacitor 
High-voltage capacitors are mainly composed of lead-out porcelain bushings, capacitive element groups and shells. The shell is sealed and welded by thin steel plates, and the outlet porcelain sleeve is welded on the shell. The wiring terminal is led out from the outlet porcelain bushing. The capacitor element group (also called the core) in the shell is formed by connecting several capacitor elements. The capacitive element is made of capacitor paper, film-paper composite or pure film as the working medium, and aluminum platinum as the pole plate. In order to meet the withstand voltage requirements of capacitors of various voltage levels, capacitive elements can be connected in series or in parallel. The electric passenger component group of a single three-phase capacitor is connected into a triangle inside the shell. In high-voltage capacitors with a voltage of 10kV and below, each capacitive element is connected in series with a fuse, which serves as the internal short-circuit protection of the capacitor. Some capacitors are equipped with discharge resistance. When the capacitor is disconnected from the grid, it can be discharged through the discharge resistance. Generally, the residual voltage of the capacitor can be reduced to below 75V after 10 minutes.

50Hz Rated Frequency HV Capacitor Bank Three Phase 3.63KV 484 Kvar 0
2. Function of 3.63KV 484kVar High Voltage Shunt Capacitor
       High voltage shunt capacitor (Power capacitor) is mainly used in the A.C,Power system with 50Hz or 60Hz to improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss, mend voltage quality, plenitude elaborate generate power' equipment and supply power equipment efficiency, it is national recommend save power products.

Rated voltage


Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated Capacity 484 kvar
Insulation level 30/75KV
Internal fuse No
Number of phases Three-phase
Capacitance deviation -3%~+5%
Package Export  packing
Loss tangent value (tanδ) ≤0.0003
Discharge resistance The capacitor is equipped with a discharging resistor. After being disconnected from the grid, the voltage on the terminal can drop below 50V within 5 minutes

3. Main features of 3.63KV 484kVar High Voltage Shunt Capacitor

(1) In the transmission line, high-voltage capacitors can be used to form a series compensation station to improve the transmission capacity of the transmission line.

(2) In large-scale substations, high-voltage capacitors can be used to form a static phase-controlled reactor type dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC) to improve power quality.

(3) At the end of the distribution line, the use of high-voltage capacitors can improve the power factor at the end of the line and ensure the voltage quality at the end of the line.

(4) High-voltage capacitors are installed in the middle and low-voltage bus sections of the substation to compensate for the reactive power consumed by the load and improve the power factor on the bus side.

(5) In load terminal stations with non-linear loads, high-voltage capacitors will also be installed for filtering.
4. Applicable standard of 3.63KV 484kVar High Voltage Shunt Capacitor
    IEC60871 and equivalent standard
5. Working conditions of 3.63KV 484kVar High Voltage Shunt Capacitor
1.Place of use: indoors or outdoors.
2.Altitude: ≤1000 m. (High altitude products can be designed according to user requirements)
3.Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃.
4.The installation site should be free of harmful gases, no conductive or explosive dust.

50Hz Rated Frequency HV Capacitor Bank Three Phase 3.63KV 484 Kvar 1


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