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11kV 500kVAR Shunt Capacitor Power Factor Correction Capacitor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: XI'AN CHINA
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: BAM11-500-1W
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export wooden packing
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
Rated Frequency: 50Hz;60Hz Loss Tangent Value (tanδ): ≤0.0003
Phase: Single-phase Capacitance Deviation: -3%~+5%;
Protection Method: Internal Fuse Or No Fuse Color: Customized
Package: Export Wooden Packing Rated Voltage: 11KV

11kV 500kVAR Shunt Capacitor Power Factor Correction Capacitor

1.Overview of  11KV 500kvar High Voltage Shunt PP Film Capacitor Bank

The capacitor unit is designed and manufactured with advanced technology.
The components are made of aluminum foil and polypropylene film.
The fully insulated pack is housed in a stainless steel case, which is vacuum treated and impregnated with liquid medium.
The internal fuse also adopts state of art fuse structure in the world, and the fuses of each component are completely isolated, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of fuse group explosion. It adopts aluminum foil folding and convex structure, and each serial section of the pack is connected in parallel with discharge resistance.
The use of a new type of rolling bushing, and the case adopts automatic TIG arc welding, which effectively solves the problem of capacitor oil leakage.
Through the above measures, the capacitor unit has low loss, small partial discharge and long life.
Before leaving the factory, the products are tested one by one.

11kV 500kVAR Shunt Capacitor Power Factor Correction Capacitor 0

2. Function of 11KV 500kvar High Voltage Shunt Polyester Film Capacitor Bank

Medium voltage shunt capacitor/High voltage shunt capacitor are suitable for 50Hz or 60Hz AC power systems to improve the power factor of the power system, reduce line losses, improve the quality of the power supply voltage, and increase the active output of the transformer.


Rated voltage 6.6/√3, 6.9/√3, 7.2/√3, 10.5/√3, 10.5/2√3,11/√3, 11.5/√3, 11/2√3, 12/√3, 12/2√3, 11/2, 12/2,12.5/2,11,12,19,21,21/2, 22/2,23/2,24/2, 22/√3, 22/2√3, 24/√3, 24/2√3,Special specification voltage can be negotiated
Rated frequency 50Hz;60Hz
Rated Capacity 100,200,250,300,334,400,417,500,535,550,570,600,625,667,833kvar,Special specifications can be negotiated
Insulation level 42/75kV,50/125kV
Protection method Internal fuse or no fuse
Number of phases Single-phase
Capacitance deviation -3%~+5%
Package Export wooden packing
Loss tangent value (tanδ) ≤0.0003
Altitude ≤2000
Environmental temperature category -40/B
Contamination level of casing D
Discharge resistance The capacitor is equipped with a discharging resistor. After being disconnected from the grid, the voltage on the terminal can drop below 75V within 10 minutes
Surrounding environment No severely corrosive gas and steam to metal, no conductive or explosive dust, no severe mechanical vibration.

3. Main features of 11KV 500kvar High Voltage Shunt PP Film Capacitor Bank

3.1 Casing: Cold-pressed, anti-fouling type casing is adopted, and the creepage distance is not less than 31mm/kV.
3.2 Mature internal fuse technology.

3.3 Liquid medium: 100% benzyltoluene (M/DBT) is used. This liquid has excellent low temperature performance and partial discharge performance.
3.4 The main insulation adopts a composite insulation structure, which not only guarantees excellent electrical performance, but also has a certain degree of mechanical strength, which ensures that the insulation of the capacitor complete set of devices is 100% reliable without protection.

4. Applicable standard of 11KV 500 kvar High Voltage Shunt PP Film Capacitor Bank

IEC60871 or equivalent


5. Working conditions of 11KV 500 kvar High Voltage Shunt PP Film Capacitor Bank

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