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DDZY88C 220V 1 Phase Electric Meter

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Beijing China
Brand Name: Banner
Model Number: DDZY88C
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Color: White&Gray Rated Voltage: 220V
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220V 1 Phase Electric Meter


DDZY88C 1 Phase Electric Meter


Q/GDW 1355-2013 1 Phase Electric Meter

DDZY88C Single Phase Charge Control Smart Energy Meter
The single-phase charge-control smart electric energy meter has a measurement function that uses an independent measurement chip to sample live and neutral currents at the same time. It has LCD display, RS485, infrared communication and remote control power on and off functions. The communication protocol of this electric energy meter complies with DL/T 645—2007 multi-function electric energy meter communication protocol.
The technology and specifications of this electric energy meter meet the following standards:
DLT698.45 Object-oriented communication protocol
DLT698-2010 Electric Energy Information Collection and Management System
Q/GDW 1354-2013 functional specification of smart energy meter
Q/GDW 1355-2013 single-phase smart energy meter type specification
Q/GDW 1364-2013 Technical Specification for Single-Phase Smart Energy Meter
DDZY88C 220V 1 Phase Electric Meter 0
II. Main parameters:
1. Accuracy: Class 2.0
2. Rated voltage: 220V
3. Basic current: 1.5(6)A 5(30)A 5(60) A10(60)A 20(80)A.
4. Dimensions: 160mm×112mm×71mm
5. Installation size: 140 (150) mm×100mm
6. Basic error: meet the requirements of GB/T17215.321-2008.
7. Operating environment: The electric energy meter should be installed in a dry and ventilated environment, the installation height is 1.8 meters, the installation environment is free of corrosive gas, the temperature is -40℃~+70℃, and the relative humidity does not exceed 85%.
The main function:
1. It has the functions of forward and reverse active electric energy and time-sharing measurement.
2. The clock adopts a built-in hardware clock circuit with temperature compensation function, and has automatic conversion functions for calendar, timekeeping, and leap year. In addition, broadcast school time is not restricted by passwords and hardware programming switches
3. Support 4 rates of sharp, peak, flat and valley.
4. It has the ability to clear the stored electric energy, freezing amount, event record, load record and other data stored in the electric energy meter.
5. It can store the two-way total electric energy and electric energy data of various tariffs for 12 settlement days. In the case of power failure of the electric energy meter, all data related to settlement shall be kept for at least 10 years, and other data shall be kept for at least 3 years.
6. It has functions such as timed freezing, instantaneous freezing, daily freezing, agreed freezing, and hourly freezing. The frozen content and identifier comply with the requirements of DL/T 645-2007 and its filing documents.
7. It can record the total number of power failures, the total number of programming, the total number of time calibrations, the total number of meter openings, and the permanent record of the time of the electric energy meter clearing event and the electrical energy data at the time of clearing.
8. With RS485 communication, infrared communication and other functions, and all follow the DL/T 645-2007 protocol and its filing documents.
9. It has the functions of electric energy pulse output and multi-function signal output. 0
10. It has two display modes: automatic cycle and button.
11. The electric energy meter has the function of double protection measures of programming switch and programming password
12. The realization of the cost control function is divided into two ways: local and remote.
13. There are two sets of tiered tariffs, and another set of tiered tariffs can be activated at the set point in time.
14. In the state of power failure, the display of the electric energy meter can be awakened by pressing the button to facilitate the reading of data.
15. When the electric energy meter performs parameter setting, pre-stored electricity charges, information write-back and remote control command operation for the electric energy meter through solid or virtual media, it needs to pass strict password verification or security certification such as ESAM module to ensure the safety of data transmission reliable.

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