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GB/T 17215.321- 2008 Electric Smart Meter Single Phase Digital Energy Meter

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Beijing China
Brand Name: Banner
Model Number: DDZY88
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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GB/T 17215.321- 2008 Electric Smart Meter


50Hz Electric Smart Meter


GB/T 17215.321- 2008 Single Phase Digital Energy Meter

Overview of single-phase cost-controlled smart energy meter (remote-switch internal/external)
DDZY88 single-phase cost-controlled smart energy meter (remote-switch internal/external), using advanced solid-state integrated circuit technology and SMT technology, is suitable for measuring AC single-phase active energy with a frequency of 50Hz, and its performance complies with GB/T 17215.321- 2008 technical requirements. This product has a two-way metering function, which can accurately measure the active energy in the positive and negative directions, and can set the combined active energy according to this, with the time-sharing measurement function; the active energy is divided into peaks, peaks, flats, valleys, etc. Time period electric energy and total electric energy are respectively accumulated and stored. It has LCD display function (with button wake-up LCD display function when power is off), RS485 and infrared communication function, the realization of the cost control function is remote mode, and the load switch is divided into two modes: built-in and external.
The main parameters
1. Accuracy: Level 1, Level 2.
2. Rated voltage (Un): 220V, limit working voltage: 0.7Un~1.2Un.
3. Current specifications: 5(60)A, 10(100)A.
4. Basic error, starting and creeping: meet the requirements of GB/T 17215.321-2008.
5. Dimensions: 160mm x 112mm x 58mm.
6. Installation size: 140 (150) mm x 100mm.
7. The communication protocol complies with: DL/T 645-2007 "Communication Protocol for Multifunctional Energy Meters" and its filing documents.
8. The rate function complies with: DL/T 614-2007 protocol requirements.
9. The basic functions comply with: Q GDW 354-2013 functional specifications for smart energy meters.
10. The external dimensions conform to: Q GDW 355-2013 single-phase intelligent electric energy meter type specification.
11. The technical parameters comply with: Q GDW 364-2013 technical specifications for single-phase smart energy meters.
12. Safety certification complies with: Q GDW 365-2013 Smart Energy Meter Information Exchange Safety Certification Technical Specifications.
The main function
1. Support 4 rates, 14 time zones throughout the year, 14 time periods can be set every day, two sets of rate timetable switching, and special timetable settings for holidays.
2. Supports the function of tiered electricity, does not support tiered electricity price, and requires background settlement.
3. Support the reset function under the key and permission conditions. The bottom value of the electric energy meter can only be reset to zero, and setting is prohibited.
4. Support data storage function, which can store two-way total electric energy and electric energy data of various tariffs for the last 12 settlement days.
5. Support freezing function, with time freezing, instantaneous freezing, daily freezing, agreed freezing, and whole point freezing.
6. Support event recording function, can record the total number of power failures, the total number of programming, the total number of time calibration, the total number of open meter cover, pull and close events; can permanently record the time of the electric meter reset event and the time of reset The electrical energy data.
7. Support cost control function, which can be realized remotely through virtual media such as RS485 and remote power sales system, and through virtual media to set power parameters in the electric energy meter, pull and close commands, and alarm instructions, by the electric energy meter An alarm signal is issued to remind users to pay for electricity.
8. Support alarm function, with light alarm output. The light alarm uses a red constant light indicator, and the alarm automatically ends when the event returns to normal.
9. Support functions such as security authentication. When setting parameters and issuing remote control commands for the electric energy meter through virtual media, strict ESAM module security authentication is required to ensure safe and reliable data transmission.

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