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110kV EPC Project High Voltage Substation Expansion Project

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Place of Origin: XI'AN CHINA
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110kV EPC Project


EPC Project High Voltage


Substation Expansion Project

Tibet Lulang 110kV Substation Expansion Project


A substation refers to a place in the power system that transforms voltage and current, receives and distributes electrical energy. The substation in the power plant is a step-up substation, whose function is to boost the electric energy generated by the generator and feed it to the high-voltage power grid.


(1) A type of substation. Refers to AC UHV stations, nuclear power, large-scale energy bases (3 million kw and above) transmission and cross-regional (North China, Central China, East China, Northeast China, Northwest) 750/500/330kV substations.
(2) The second-class substation. Refers to other than the first type of substations, 750/500/330kV substations, power transmission substations (1 million kW and above, below 3 million kW) and inter-provincial 220kV substations, main transformers or busbars are out of service, and switches refuse to operate. Substations that cause grid events of level 4 and above.
(3) Three types of substations. Refers to 220kV substations other than Category II, power plant transmission substations (300,000 kW and above, 1 million kW and below), substations where the main transformer or bus bar is out of operation, and the switch fails to cause a five-level grid event, which is level one and above Substations directly supplied by important users.
(4) Four types of substations. Refers to substations of 35kV and above except for Type I, II, and III.
Note: All 220kV substations in the work area are category three substations, and all substations of 110kV and below are category four substations.
110kV EPC Project High Voltage Substation Expansion Project 0

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