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OEM Power Factor Improvement


Power Factor Improvement Service

Power factor improvement service


    The power factor refers to the ratio of the active power of the AC circuit to the apparent power. Under a certain voltage and power of user electrical equipment, the higher the value, the better the efficiency, and the more fully utilized the power generation equipment. Commonly used cosΦ representation

    Most of the electrical loads in the power grid, such as motors, transformers, fluorescent lamps, and electric arc furnaces, are inductive loads. These inductive devices not only need to absorb active power from the power system during operation, but also absorb reactive power at the same time. Therefore, after installing the parallel capacitor reactive power compensation equipment in the power grid, it will be able to provide compensation for the reactive power consumed by the inductive load, reducing the reactive power supplied by the power grid to the inductive load and transmitted by the line. Since the flow of reactive power in the power grid is reduced, the power loss caused by the transmission of reactive power by the transformer and bus in the transmission and distribution line can be reduced, which is the benefit of reactive power compensation. The main purpose of reactive power compensation is to improve the power factor of the compensation system. Because the electricity issued by the power supply bureau is calculated in kVA or MVA, but the charge is in kW, that is, the actual useful work done. There is a difference in ineffective power between the two, which is generally Reactive power in kvar. Most of the reactive power is inductive, that is, the so-called motors, transformers, fluorescent lamps... Almost all reactive power is inductive, capacitive is very rare, for example: frequency converter is capacitive, in frequency conversion Adding a reactor to the power supply end of the device can improve the power factor.

     To obtain the best possible economic advantage from electric power both the generating plant and consumers plants should be operated at high efficiency. To achieve this it is essential to have a high power factor throughout the system.

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