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Epc Engineering Procurement Construction Service Distribution And Transmission

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Distrubution And Transmission EPC Service


  The concept of transmission and distribution includes three aspects, namely transmission, transformation and distribution. Among them, power transmission refers to the transmission of electrical energy. Through power transmission, power plants and load centers that are far apart (up to thousands of kilometers) are connected, so that the development and utilization of electrical energy exceeds geographical restrictions; power transformation refers to the use of certain equipment The process power distribution that changes the voltage from a low level to a high level (boost) or from a high level to a low energy level is a distribution method for distributing power to users in a region where electric energy is consumed, directly serving users.

    Power transmission and distribution facilities include substations, lines and other equipment. All transmission equipment is connected to form a transmission grid. The network composed of power distribution equipment from the transmission grid to the users is called the distribution network. They are sometimes called transmission systems and distribution systems. The power transmission system and distribution system plus power plants and electrical equipment are collectively referred to as the power system. Various power devices in the power system have their own rated voltages, which constitute the voltage level of the entire power system. The voltage used for power transmission is higher than the distribution voltage. The division of power transmission and distribution voltage boundaries is not fixed, and varies with the area and capacity covered by the grid.


    We design, engineer, construct, retrofit and maintain virtually every type of power plant, as well as the systems that transmit and distribute electricity.


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