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[Policy Express] Chongqing Industrial carbon peak implementation plan: focusing on energy supply equipment such as energy storage batteries and supercapacitors, increase the supply of green and low-carbon equipment in energy production and consumption

March 15, 2023

January 29, "Chongqing Industrial sector carbon peak implementation plan" released. In order to ensure that industrial carbon dioxide emissions will peak before 2030, six key tasks are proposed: optimizing industrial structure, promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction, actively promoting green manufacturing, strengthening green supply and support, vigorously developing circular economy, and promoting carbon emissions in key industries to peak.

We will promote breakthroughs in innovation, transformation and application of major low-carbon technologies, processes and equipment, leverage the supporting role of green and low-carbon innovation technology platforms, and build a supply system for green and low-carbon technology products. We will encourage enterprises to conduct certification of green and low-carbon products through self-declaration or voluntary certification, develop green design products in accordance with the requirements of full life cycle management, and explore alternatives to low-carbon raw materials and calculation of product carbon footprint. We will increase the supply of green and low-carbon equipment for energy production and consumption, focusing on energy-storage batteries, supercapacitors, wind power generation, hydrogen energy and smart grids.