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Magnetically Shielded Current Limiting Reactors

Basic Information
Place of Origin: XI'AN CHINA
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: □KGL-□/□-□W
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export wooden packing
Delivery Time: 30-45 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000SET/YEAR
Installation Site: Outdoors Or Indoors Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+45℃
Altitude: ≤1000m Executive Standard: GB1094.6-2011、JB/T5346、JB/T10775
High Light:

Magnetically Shielded Current Limiting Reactors


1000m Current Limiting Reactors


JB/T10775 Current Limiting Reactors

Dry Half Iron-Core, Magnetically Shielded Reactor,Current Limiting Reactors


1.Overview of Dry Half Iron-Core, Magnetically Shielded Reactor

The dry half iron-core core and magnetic shield structure reactor is designed to increase the columnar iron core inside the dry type air core reactor, and the iron core needs to surround the entire coil, thereby saving a large amount of core material; the core column is integrally formed by epoxy casting, and the whole Compact, sturdy, high mechanical strength, low noise, in addition to the characteristics of air core reactors, the volume of hollow reactors is reduced by 30 to 50%, and the loss is reduced by 20 to 30%.

 2. Purpose of Dry Half Iron-Core, Magnetically Shielded Reactor

The connection of the reactor is divided into two ways: series connection and parallel connection. Series reactors usually play a role in suppressing harmonics and limiting inrush current, and shunt reactors are often used to compensate for capacitive currents in transmission lines.
(1) Dry-type half-iron core shunt reactor: In the ultra-high voltage long-distance power transmission system, it is connected to the tertiary coil of the transformer. It is used to compensate the capacitive charging current of the line, limit the system voltage rise and operating overvoltage, thereby reducing the system insulation level and ensuring the reliable operation of the line.
(2) Dry-type
half-iron core series reactors are installed in the capacitor circuit to suppress the inrush current when the capacitor circuit is put into operation. At the same time, it also forms a harmonic circuit with the capacitor bank to filter out specific harmonics. 

3. Main features of Dry Half Iron-Core, Magnetically Shielded Reactor

(1) Dry-type semi-iron core reactor puts the iron core column in the hollow core of the hollow reactor, without enclosing the entire coil, and the iron core consumption is small;
(2) The core column is made of high-quality low-loss imported cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which has high magnetic permeability, small coil diameter, low loss and low energy consumption;
(3) The core column adopts integral vacuum epoxy casting molding, which is dense and strong as a whole, with high mechanical strength and low noise. The reactor can be directly used outdoors after being treated with special protective measures, without being restricted by any environmental conditions;
(4) The traditional concept believes that the volt-ampere characteristic of a reactor with an iron core is nonlinear, while the volt-ampere characteristic of a dry-type half-iron core reactor presents a large linear characteristic;
(5) In addition to the above-mentioned features, half-iron core reactors also have many advantages of dry-type air-core reactors:

Magnetically Shielded Current Limiting Reactors 0

4.Executive standard of Dry Half Iron-Core, Magnetically Shielded Reactor


5. Conditions of use

(1) Use location: indoor or outdoor
(2) Operating environment temperature: -40℃~+45℃
(3) Altitude: 1000 meters (if more than 1000 meters, please specify when ordering)
(4) The installation site has no gas, vapor, chemical deposits, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation.

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