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600kvar~9000kvar Reactive Power Compensation Device

Basic Information
Place of Origin: XI'AN CHINA
Certification: ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export packing
Delivery Time: 30-45 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A, Western Union, MoneyGram
Rated Voltage: 6、10kV Rated Capacity: 600~9000kvar
Maximum Capacity Of Single Group: ≤2000kvar Series Reactance Rate: 1%,5%,12%
Altitude: ≤2000 Environmental Temperature Category: -40/D
Executive Standard: DL/T604-2009、GB50227-2008
High Light:

9000kvar Reactive Power Compensation Device


600kvar Reactive Power Compensation Device


10kV Reactive Power Compensation Device

Automatic switching and reactive power compensation devices with multiple steps


The multi-group automatic switching reactive power compensation device is based on the conventional high-voltage parallel capacitor device, which adds a special switching switch and automatic switching controller for the capacitor bank to realize the grouped automatic switching of the capacitor reactive capacity to achieve reactive power compensation,to achieve the purpose of reactive power compensation.

The device is mainly composed of capacitor bank, isolation switch, high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker or high-voltage vacuum contactor, discharge coil, current transformer, reactor, etc.

2. Purpose

It is mainly used in 6 ~ 35kV power system to improve the power factor of the system, reduce the loss of transformers and lines, and improve the quality of power supply. The device is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, and coal systems to maximize the compensation of reactive power of the system. The controller in the device adopts the "nine-domain zone" control principle and various operating modes to prevent the switching from oscillating. The device also has an RS-485 communication interface, which can realize four remote functions and can be connected with the substation integrated automation system.

3. Technical features

(1) The special vacuum switch used for capacitors has passed the back-to-back test of capacitive switching of capacitors, which is suitable for frequent switching.
(2) The automatic compensation is divided into two to five switching channels, with high compensation accuracy and low impact, which can obtain the maximum reactive power compensation effect.
(3) Controller uses intell6 bit microcontroller, large-screen character display menu, has a friendly interface, real-time display operating parameters and fault information; with a RS-485 communication interface, four remote functions, and can be integrated substation automation interface, Realize the three aspects of control and management: on-site, background machine and scheduling.
(4) The controller adopts the "Nine Domains" control principle to automatically identify various operation modes of transformers and capacitors in the substation to prevent switching shocks.
(5) Each capacitor is equipped with overcurrent protection and internal fault protection, which can isolate faulty capacitors in time and effectively, and has a voice alarm function to ensure the overall safe and reliable operation.


4.Model Description


T:complete device

BB:Parallel compensation

Z:Automatic grouping

10:System nominal voltage 10kV

1000×3:Rated capacity 3000kvar, divided into 3 paths, each path capacity is 1000kvar

A:Singel-star-type wiring

K:Open triangle voltage protection

5.Technical data

Rated voltage 6,10kV
Rated Capacity 600~9000kvar
Maximum capacity of single group ≤2000kvar
Series reactance rate 1%,5%,12%
Installation method Indoor products adopt cabinet structure, outdoor products adopt box-type structure or frame structure
Contral path 2~5 paths, two paths can be selected when more than 5 channels
Control physical quantity 2~5 paths vacuum switch
Input physical quantity Current (5A/1A), voltage (100V) at the bus outlet
Protect Over current, over voltage, loss of voltage, internal fuse + open triangle voltage protection
Display current, voltage, power factor, operating state of each group of capacitors
Operation mode Automatic, manual optional
Altitude ≤2000
Environmental temperature category -40/D
Ambient relative humidity (at 25℃) daily average value 95%, monthly average value 90%
Earthquake intensity 8 degrees, horizontal acceleration 0.3g, vertical acceleration 0.2g

6.Order description

Please provide the following data when ordering:

Our company can provide technical support and parameter calculation, if you have special requirements, please specify when ordering.

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